List Of Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems, Solutions and Workarounds [Part 1]


This article will identify the most common problems users were complaining about their Galaxy S2 smartphone. The issues as well as their solutions, fixes and workarounds will be presented in a list so as to make it easy to read. So, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 (it's Samsung's 2011 flagship) and have been experiencing problems recently, you might as well try to find your problem in the list below. If it's not included, then feel free to email us at and we will do our best to find solutions to your problems.

List of Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems

#1. Galaxy S2 Shuts Down Automatically

This problem comes first in this list because just after the device was released in 2011, the issue immediately plagued many of the owners. It happened to units with stock ROMs as well as to units that used custom firmware such as CyanogenMod and others. Basically, the problem could either be caused by simple conflicts in the devices hardware and software, which can be solved by simple troubleshooting steps, or complicated issues that require more complicated procedures to resolve including factory reset.

Here are the things you should do if you're experiencing this problem:

Step 1: Turn The Phone Back On - switch on the phone to see if it powers on. If it does you probably don't have an idea what happens why the phone automatically powered down. So, be observant so you would know what triggers the shut down problem. That's the only time you could do some troubleshooting steps.

Step 2: Check Battery - if your phone does not respond when you press the power button, the first thing that you should check is your battery to see if it has enough current to power up the device. To do this, insert the charger unit to see if the device still charges. If so, turn the phone on; I'm pretty sure this is just a drained battery issue. If this is the case, you should let the device charge the battery until full then use it.

Step 3: Go To A Tech
- if your phone won't turn on after a random shut down, it is imperative you visit a technician at once. Perhaps there's some conflicts in the hardware or the software that prevents the phone from powering on normally.

#2. Galaxy S2 Keeps on Freezing and Lagging

While this problem was or has been very common to Galaxy S2 owners, it wasn't as complicated as it may seemed. The primary culprit was Samsung's TouchWiz UI in which, in 2011, wasn't as good as the TW today. Even after Jelly Bean update, many S2 owners still complained about their phone constantly freezing and lagging. One of the ways that could fix the problem is to clear TW's cache and data.

    1. If your phone is unresponsive, pop the back panel.
    2. Take the battery out for a moment, then re-insert.
    3. Turn the phone on.
    4. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
    5. Choose Settings.
    6. Touch Applications Manager.
    7. Tap All tab.
    8. Scroll to and tap TW.
    9. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. (Note that all your custom home screens will be deleted just by doing this procedure.)

Another thing that may cause freezes and lags is when there are too many apps running in the background. You need to close those one by one or reboot your phone so the memory would be refreshed. This procedure works 90% of the time so take a little time doing it.
#3. Galaxy S2 Runs Very Slow

The depreciation in Galaxy S2's performance can also be attributed to TouchWiz and often can be solved by doing the procedure presented in #2. But to differentiate it from the previous problem, poor performance means the phone functions just right but sometimes it takes more time loading a specific service.

In the case of Galaxy S2, the Gallery, Camera and Browser apps were often the culprit, or at least, many users complained about their devices running very slow whenever they shoot pictures and view them. Others also complained having to wait for a few seconds whenever they launched the stock browser.

Galaxy S2's stock ROM (meaning the original firmware that came with the device) was fast and stable but TouchWiz sometimes create conflicts that may cause the slowing down of core processes.

Majority of users who complained about the performance of their S2 said the problem was resolved by a factory reset. Others said they installed custom ROMs that were lighter and faster.

#4. Galaxy S2 Can't Connect to the Internet

A week after the device was released, users turn to forums to complain about their devices not being able to connect to the internet using a WiFi connection. They, however, said they could when they use mobile data. At first, it was thought to be a hardware issue, it wasn't. It was a bug for affecting some models only. An update was actually able to provide resolution to the problem.

When the Ice Cream Sandwich update was rolled out, there was another batch of users complaining the same problem. But Samsung made it a point to fix the problem prior to the roll out of the update. The same thing happened to the Jelly Bean update. Since the problem neither comes from the hardware nor the software, users can do some troubleshooting procedures to fix it. The one that comes the most recommended procedure is simpler than you think.

Go to WiFi Settings and 'Forget' the network you often connect to. Let the phone scan and detect for available WiFi networks and try to connect. What this does is refresh the connection between the device and the network and more often than not, it resolves problems like this.

#5. Galaxy S2 Can't Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

Problems when connecting to a WiFi network is relatively popular but solutions to the problem varies. WiFi connectivity problem is a vague issue and covers a wide array of problems on both the hardware and the software. The latest update, Jelly Bean, does not have a bug related to this problem so the best place to start troubleshooting is the hardware.

First of all, make sure you are not connecting to an ad hoc connection. If you're trying to share your connection via your laptop or another mobile phone and you're using the stock ROM, it wouldn't work. Samsung Galaxy S2 doesn't support ad hoc connections, unless you installed a custom ROM like CyanogenMod.

Second, reboot your phone. I know it sounds dumb but rebooting the phone can actually solve a lot of problem including internet connectivity issues like this.

Third, install an app called WiFi Fixer. Based on comments, many were helped by this app. Using mobile data, connect to the internet and launch the Play Store then search for 'wifi fixer', the first result is the app you're looking for.

Fourth, while WiFi is on in your phone, go to its settings and try to 'Forget' all networks. Turn the WiFi off, then turn it on again and let the device scan and detect available networks. Connect to your network, if you can't try to connect to a different network to see if you can.

Fifth, if you have control over the network you're connecting to, try to choose a different security type. Many users who complained about this problem were using WPA, so try to use WEP.

If all else fail, try to have an appointment with a technician to have your phone checked.

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