Top 10 Galaxy S3 Problems That Exist On Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was (is) plagued by problems, errors and bugs and now it's Samsung Galaxy S4's turn to disappoint. This post may appear to be pessimistic in a sense that it tackles nothing but problems common to last year's and this year's flagships. But it would actually help you decide whether to upgrade from S3 (in case you bought one last year) to S4. Aside from that, this post would also prepare you on what's to come if you ever decide to get a unit.

Going back to the main topic, here is a list of 20 Galaxy S3 common problems that are also bugging owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Automatic Shutdown. Perhaps, one of the earliest problems Galaxy S3 owners experienced was the automatic shutdown, which was often caused by a number of software and hardware issues. Just a few days after the release of Galaxy S4, many owners already complained about sporadic reboots and shutting downs.

Lags and Freezes. These problems happen randomly but if you're an owner of an S3 or an S4, you could almost predict when the devices lag and/or freeze. Last year's flagship lag when there is too many applications running in the background despite the fact that it is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market today. The same goes for the new flagship.

TouchWiz Causes Lags. Aside from the lags caused by apps simultaneously running, another thing that could also replicate the problem is Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. After months of use, TW may accumulate data from settings and apps that may cause the lags, at least, that's the most common cause of TouchWiz-initiated lags in S3 as well as in S4.

Cannot Connect to the Internet. While this problem is common to all IP-enabled devices and smartphones, this was one of the most pressing problems owners were complaining about. A few days after Galaxy S4 reached the US shore, many complained not being able to connect to the internet especially those who have D-Link routers.

WiFi Gets Disconnected. Aside from the internet connectivity debacle, many S4 owners were also complaining having their internet connection cut off from time to time. While it is a minor problem and can be fixed by tweaking a setting or two, it is very annoying.

Connection is Good but Can't Browse. One weird problem reported online by S3 users is that they couldn't browse despite a good and stable connection. New S4 owners also reported browsing could be a pain sometimes. They have a good connection (either mobile data or WiFi) yet they find it impossible to open a website with their browsers.  What's even weirder is that they can receive their emails just fine.

Emails Get Deleted After Reading. People who are using corporate emails often experience this problem. While it is considered as an issue, the problem lies not on the smartphone but on the machine in which the email was set up. Owners have to make sure a copy of the emails would be left in the server.

Overheating. Yes, the Galaxy S4 overheats and there've been reports the phone freezes when it happens. It is also expected the phone would act this especially when used straight for hours simply because it is so powerful and comes packed with high hardware specs. When use extensively, the device would emit heat even more. There was also a lot of reports from Galaxy S3 owners relating to this problem.

Camera Problems. While it is better to have a phone with better camera sensors, more often the problem enters a user views those photos with high resolution. While the camera is often blamed for the problem, the culprit is the stock Gallery app that failed to preview large picture files. Often, the problem would cause the Gallery app to lag, then freeze. The camera would soon freeze up causing the phone to become unresponsive.

Battery Drains Faster. Many would think the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a monster battery with capacity of 2600mAh. Actually, it is just enough to power the phone for several hours. The new features and elements that made the phone even smarter are the ones that drain battery faster plus a Super AMOLED screen. The most common workaround is to set the phone to a lower brightness and disable some features.

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