How to create a screen lock pattern on HTC One

HTC One is among the modern mobiles that rolled out with a wide range of more advanced functions, settings and options. This means that owners of HTC's latest Android smartphone flagship can choose from several security options and settings so as to secure personal information stored in the device.

Among these security options for HTC One owners to utilize would include face unlock, password, PIN and screen lock pattern. All are designed to help prevent unauthorized users from using the handset without the owner’s permission. In case you too would want to secure your phone by setting a screen lock pattern, we offer you this simple guide for your reference.

NOTE: Once you've created and activated a screen lock pattern on your HTC One handset, you will be asked to unlock it first by the time you turn it on or when it is idle for quite some time.

Here are the steps to set up a screen lock pattern:

Step 1. Tap the All Apps icon located at the home screen of your HTC One phone. This will prompt you with the available menu options to use.

Step 2. From the menu items, locate and tap on the Settings icon, since we will be reconfiguring its security settings.

Step 3. Once you tap on Settings, you will see the list of the sub-menu items available for you to configure or modify. Look for Security and tap on its icon to proceed.

Step 4. Tap on Screen lock from the next window that displays the screen lock set up.

Step 5. You will then see the available unlock selections. Locate and tap Pattern to create a pattern to unlock the screen you want to use on your phone.

Step 6. Another window containing the necessary pattern details will display. Be sure to read and understand the given instructions and tap the Next button to proceed.

Step 7. Draw your preferred pattern by tapping and dragging on the given dots accordingly.

NOTE: Use the Retry button if you want to redraw the pattern. Just tap on the button and redraw the pattern you set, accept the pattern and then tap Continue to proceed.

Step 8. You will be asked to redraw the same pattern you have created in the prior screen. Draw the same pattern and then tap the Confirm button.

Step 9. A message box telling you that a new screen lock pattern has just been set up and enabled. Carefully read the entire Attention message and tap the desired button. If you agree on the message, just tap OK to continue, otherwise, tap Cancel.

NOTE: If you tap Cancel, the screen lock will be enabled. However, phone notifications and message notifications will still show up on the lock screen.

You now have successfully set up a screen lock pattern on your HTC One device. This also denotes additional security on your smartphone. You can also set a desired pattern option by tapping to check or uncheck the pattern selections as desired.

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