Galaxy S3 Problem: I Can Hear Callers But They Can't Hear Me [How To Fix]

We may have written something related to this problem before but since we keep on receiving emails regarding this issue, it's better we write about it again. One of our readers said that when someone calls him, he can hear the caller but it's not the same on the other end. According to him, the problem started a few months although it occurs randomly. So, basically, some calls will end up just right while others are hit by this issue. Here's our recommendation to the problem:


Remove all connected enhancements such as a headset from the device, and place a test call. If the issue is resolved, the headset will need to be replaced.

If the issue persists, continue below:

With the device still powered on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, replace the battery and power on the device.

If the issue persists, continue below:

1.       Using the voice recorder or camcorder application record a clip for a few seconds with audio.
2.       Playback the clip.
3.       If the audio is clear then the Speaker and Microphone are functioning properly.
4.       If the audio is not clear, or no sound is heard, continue to Factory Data Reset.

If all else fail, it is better you have a technician check on the device. It's more of a hardware issue, microphone specifically, than a software problem. Issues like this are often covered by warranty as long as you're using the official firmware. If your phone was rooted, un-root it before visiting an authorized technician, otherwise, you cannot claim warranty.

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