Gmail hack defense: Easy way to determine if your Gmail Account is hacked


There is an easy way to keep your Gmail account safe from possible security attacks. It's all a matter of frequently checking who has accessed your account. Read on to determine if your Google email account is already breached and know how to secure it from any future hacks.

We've been informed about the most recent breach of Yahoo Mail servers, among the list of high-profile security attacks in the tech media nowadays. That incident seemed to note that all online services are now at risk to being infiltrated by malicious hackers who make use of petrifying new methods of stealing sensitive information from any online entities -- individual or company.

Given the popularity of Google's Gmail service, it is but also very likely a target for hackers creeping around. And because not all Gmail users would even care to use or assign strong passwords for their accounts, hacking into Google’s email service will no longer much of a challenge for these malevolent modern hackers.

In defense, the Internet Giant has offered a way for users to know if their Gmail account is already infiltrated by other unauthorized users.

Protect Gmail Account in 6 simple steps:

To ensure user-friendliness, Google makes it simple and quick for all Gmail users to see what devices and IP addresses are accessing their email accounts. Here is how:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account at
  2. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of your Gmail Inbox.
  3. Look for a message that says "Last Account Activity: N minutes/hours/days ago.
  4. Look for the link on the word "Details," located beneath the Last Account Activity phrase.
  5. Click the hypertext [link on Details].
  6. A new screen will prompt, showing a list of all the IP addresses and locations of those who previously accessed your Gmail account.

If you see some suspicious access, it is strongly recommended to change your password immediately. Also enable two-factor authentication process to sign to your account. Doing so will prevent illicit access to your Gmail account details, well along.

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