Red Google Nexus 5 Press Image Leaked by Evleaks

Master leaker @evleaks posted a tweet on February 1st showing the back and front sides of the rumored Red Google Nexus 5, by LG. The built as well as the dimension is pretty much the same as the white variant and it is expected to bring the same hardware specifications and features. So, basically, it's an all-color difference.
The Red Google Nexus 5 press image.

The rumor mill about the Nexus 5 in red started when one user posted a picture of the device's alleged retail packaging. It was intensified by another photo was posted online showing Sprint's internal document suggesting the phone may be launched on February 4th.

With all these photos and information pointing to one direction, we could somehow narrow it down to the idea that the sexy N5 in red is real and that we might be getting a glimpse of it in the next few days.

With the popularity of the N5, we could almost expect that carriers in the U.S. would offer it to their subscribers aside from the fact that Google will make it available at the Play Store to boost its sales.

Source: @evleaks

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