Cannot Set Up Email on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem Description

I tried to set up my email but the setup never completes. I am getting an error message that says, "Authentication failed" and in some attempts I'm prompted with a "No response from server" message.

What possibly causes these error messages to show up?
-          Your device is not getting signal or no available service
-          An indication of inactive account
-          Your account is incorrectly set up
-          Intermittent network connectivity
-          Airplane mode is enabled or active
-          Mobile data is disabled or turned off
-          Your device is not connected to a WiFi network
-          Server information is incorrect
-          Username or password is incorrect
-          POP3/IMAP or Microsoft Exchange Active Sync is not supported by your email service
-          Ongoing network outage
-          Outdated device software

First Resolution Approach

Step 1. Try to access/open your email account using a PC to make sure the problem is not due to some ongoing outages or problems affecting servers of the email providers. 

Step 2. Check your account status and ensure it is not in bad or delinquent status with your carrier. 

Step 3. Verify your data plan with your carrier is correct. 

Step 4. Check your phone and see if it is getting adequate signal (enough signal means at least two to three bars). 

Step 5. If you notice the problem only occurs in a specific location, contact your service provider and verify the coverage area for your phone. Ask if the area where you are having connectivity problems is within their scope of network coverage. 

Step 6. In case you got your device exposed to moisture or perhaps dropped it before, it is likely that the problem is due to physical or liquid damage. So have your device checked for any possible liquid or physical damages first. 

Step 7. Verify your email settings. If you are not sure of the correct configuration, ask your email provider. It could be that your email provider is set up for POP3/IMAP or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. 

HINT: In some cases, you have to enable the POP3/ActiveSync feature on your account first for it to be accessible without any issue. 

Step 8. Some problems like this may also be tied to outdated device software. If you think it has something to do with it, check for any software updates available for your device. 

HINT: Samsung online support has all the latest available software updates for different Samsung devices. Check out Samsung's official website to check for the latest available for any software update and go for an upgrade if available.

Standard Resolution Procedure
1.       Perform a soft reset to re-establish mobile network connection on your device. To do so, remove the battery from your device with it still on. Wait until 30 seconds, then replace the battery. Power on the device and give it some time to connect to the network.
2.       Using either browser on the device, try to connect to mobile data. Go to Apps -> Internet or Apps.
3.       Select a browser (example: Chrome)
4.       Navigate to any webpage or website to see if you can get through.
5.       If you cannot connect to any webpage or website, try to connect over a WiFi network instead.
6.       Once you are already on a WiFi network, retry to connect over mobile data.
7.       Set up your email account again.

If it still doesn't work as it is supposed to, please proceed with the following procedures.

A. Email Account Set Failed due to authentication error. This is when you will be prompted with an error message saying, "Authentication failed" after setting up your email account.

Hint: Authentication error typically denotes invalid credentials. To resolve this problem, simply validate your credentials.  

Here's how:
1.       Visit the email login page on a computer (if available). This is commonly known as webmail.
2.       Enter the correct username and password for you to sign in. 

//for Unsuccessful Log-in

If you can't sign in to your email using your username and password, please call your email provider and let them reset the password for your email. Also verify your username name with them, just to make sure everything is correct.

//for Successful Log-in

If you have successfully logged in to your email, verify if you are providing the same credentials on your device. To make sure you are entering the correct password, touch Show Password.

Important Notes:

While most sign-in names (usernames) are not case-sensitive, some usernames are case-sensitive. To avoid problems when signing in, be sure to enter/type the correct username and password for your email account. Check if the caps lock is on or off.

Usually, your account username is also your full email address, like One way to avoid issues when signing in to your email, enter the entire address. This means you have to include the part following the '@' sign.

B. Cannot Set Up Email due to Incorrect Server Settings

Email problems due to incorrect server settings usually prompt you with an error message saying, "Unable to connect to email server" or "No response from server." 

If you encountered any of the above error messages, please enter your email server information, specifically the one you've got from your email provider.

Hint: In case you are using a corporate or work email using ActiveSync, we suggest you contact your local IT department and verify the correct configuration to set up your email.

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