Cannot View Videos or Photos on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem Description:
Trying to view photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy S5 but unable to do so. No contents are shown.

In this instance, the user cannot view a video or photo on his Samsung Galaxy S5. Every time he attempts to do so, no contents are displayed.

What triggers the problem to occur?

Problem on viewing photos or videos on the GS5 smartphone is likely due to any of the following reasons:

1. File format of the image or video to view is unsupported by the device. (Incompatible file format)
2. Use of third-party camera, video or photo viewing software/application.
3. Low battery
4. Device has liquid or physical damage
5. Device software requires update

First things to check on before troubleshooting

1. Verify the image/video file you are trying to view is in a correct format. Image or video files have to be in a supported format with the device (example: GIF, JPEG, 3GP, 3G2, DivX, PNG, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, MKV, VC-1, VP8, WMV (asf) and FLV) for them to become viewable through your device.

2. Verify the battery is charged properly.

3. Check for any possible physical or liquid damage that may cause the problem. Keep the device's camera lens clean.

4. In case your device software requires an update, please check for any available software updates for your device through Samsung's official website.

If all the above conditions are met, yet still you are unable to view photos or videos on your GS5 mobile, please proceed with these subsequent workarounds:

A. Uninstall Third-Party Applications (if there's any) from your device. Here's how:

1. Touch the Menu icon from the Home screen.
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch More
4. Touch Application Manager to view apps
5. View ALL applications currently installed in your device, by swiping to the right.
6. Scroll down to search for any third-party application in the list.
7. Touch to highlight/select the third-party app (if you see one) you want to remove
8. Touch Uninstall then OK to delete the app.
9. Attempt to view a photo or video on your GS5. Simply go back to the Home screen and touch Apps, select Camera then proceed to Gallery. Touch to select the photo or video you want to view.

If the problem persists, then proceed to clearing app data.

Performing clear application data has been known to resolve various device issues, including photo/image viewing problems on mobile phones like the Galaxy S3, S4 and S5.

How to Clear Application Data

Important Reminder:
Remember that clearing the app data on your device will reset the application to factory default settings. Nevertheless, videos and images stored or saved on your device will not be deleted in the process.

Let's get started:

1. Go to the Home screen and touch the Menu icon
2. Touch Settings to continue
3. Touch More to get to Application manager option
4. Touch Application Manager to view applications installed on your device.
5. View ALL applications by swiping to the right
6. Scroll down then locate and touch Camera
7. Touch Force Stop then OK to close the application
8. Touch Clear Data option under Storage
9. To confirm app data deletion, simply touch OK
10. Touch the Back icon to go back to ALL apps view
11. Scroll down then locate and touch Gallery option
12. Touch Force Stop then OK to close the application
13. Touch Clear Data option under Storage
14. To confirm app data deletion, simply touch OK
15. Wait until app data deletion is complete then attempt to view any photo or video file on your device.

To do so, please touch the Apps icon from the Home screen then select Camera to proceed to Gallery. Touch the video or image you want to view.

If all else failed, then you may have to consider resorting to a Factory Data Reset. Most device issues are resolved with a factory data reset.

Yet then again, be sure to back up all important personal files you saved on your device before you start the process. This is because all customized files or information added into your device will be erased during the factory reset process. 

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