Solving Cloud Issues on Samsung Galaxy S5: Cannot Use Samsung Cloud

Cloud services like Dropbox or your Samsung account allow you to save and share files over the Internet. With cloud computing, you will be able to access resources, applications, and services you need to perform functions with dynamically changing needs. It allows you to perform daily tasks and gain access to contents from anywhere in the world. Among the selected Samsung devices that support cloud services include the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S5.

A few months after Samsung cloud service was first rolled out, some Galaxy S5 owners have reported an issue, in which they're unable to use Samsung Cloud on their devices.

In this content, we elaborate the best possible known solutions intended to help owners of the Galaxy S5 handset, who cannot use Samsung Cloud. If you are one of those who experienced the same problem, read on to learn how to troubleshoot the issue.

What could be the cause of such problem to occur?

There are two possible causes of this problem. First, There's no internet connection. And second is, Samsung account is not added to the device.

What should be done?

Before you begin to troubleshoot the problem, perform the following methods:

1. Try to connect to the Internet by opening a browser on the Galaxy S5. To do so, tap on Apps from Home, and then select Internet. Another way is to tap on Apps, and then select Chrome to launch or open the Chrome browser. Once the browser is opened, try to navigate to a website or webpage. If you can access a website, then it means you are able to connect the Internet. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with connectivity problem first.

2. Check the device and ensure there is no physical or liquid damage on it. Did you happen to drop the device or exposed it to moisture? If so, then it likely that the problem is due to physical or liquid damage on the phone.

3. If you think your phone needs to be updated, check for any available software or firmware updates for your phone over at Samsung website.

After performing the above-specified steps and the problem continues, proceed with the resolution procedures as follow:

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.

2. Select Settings to continue.

3. Touch Accounts.

4. Select Cloud.

5. Touch Add account.

6. Touch Sign In.

7. Enter your email address and password.

8. Touch Sign In to proceed.


If you don't have an account yet, then you have to create a new one first. To do so, touch Create New Account and follow the on-screen instructions that prompts to create an account.

After creating or adding an account to use for your Samsung Cloud, you may proceed with configuring the following options:
  • Storage Usage - This option will help you determine the amount of storage being used on Samsung Cloud.
  • Sync Settings - This is where you will configure sync settings on the device.
  • Back Up and Restore - This option is used to back up or restore data.
  • Link a Dropbox account - This option will link the device with Dropbox account.
  • Memory Issues - This is where you check the amount of data being synchronized.

Cloud computing is only available on selected Samsung devices.

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