Samsung Galaxy S5 Starters Guide: Two Ways to Take Screenshots

For those who need some help on how to take screenshots on their Samsung Galaxy S5, here's a quick guide for you to refer to.

You may use any of the two methods available for taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S5 handset.

Follow these steps to take a shot of the phone display whenever you're ready.

A. First Method (Using the Keypad)

You can use your keypad to take screenshots on your Galaxy S5, here's how:

1. Go to the desired screen.

2. When you're already on your desired screen, press and hold the Power and Home keys at the same time.

3. When you see the white border around the edge of the screen, release both keys simultaneously. Once you do this, the screenshot has been captured.

4. You can check the Screenshots album inside the Gallery application (My Files folder) on your phone.

By default, screenshots are saved in the Gallery app, specifically inside the Screenshots folder/album.

B. Second Method (Using Palm/Screen Swipe)

Another way to take a screenshot on your Galaxy S5 is using the palm/screen swipe. Here's how:

1. Go to the desired screen.

2. When you're already in your desired screen, place your index finger flush against the left side of the screen. Do this with your hand perpendicular to the screen. (Refer to the image below).

Proper hand position when taking screenshots using screen swipe method on the Galaxy S5.
3. Now, swipe your hand going right until you see the white border showing up around the edge of the screen. This then denotes that the screenshot has already been captured.

4. Open the Gallery application and go to the Screenshots album to see your recently captured screenshot on your device, all set for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or email.


Palm swipe to capture function is enabled by default on the Galaxy S5. This means you can use this method to capture the screen directly by swiping the edge of your hand across it, from side to side, while keeping in contact with the screen.

Hope this helps.

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