Fixes/Workarounds for RPC:S-3 error while trying to download/update Play Store apps

In this content, we summed all workarounds/solutions to RCP S-3 error that prompts when attempting to download or update an app from the PlayStore. These resolution methods came from different users who have testified these had helped them get rid of that error message.

We purposely publish this article in respond to one of our readers who relayed this error to us. Here's the original message:

"I can't download or update any of the app from Google Play Store. It's showing rcp s3 error. I have tried to clear the data and cache but did not work. Also I've tried to uninstall update of PlayStore and restart it but this also did not work. I tried to remove Google account and try again adding it again but also didn't work. Please help." - Om C.

So far, there hasn't been a definite fix from Google so you may try any of these workarounds and hopefully, one of them works for you too.

Method 1:

Go to Settings->Apps->Google PlayStore->Force Stop->Clear Data->Open PlayStore->Update.

Method 2:

* Uninstall all updates to Play Services.
* Clear Google Services Framework.
* Wait for Hangouts to request to update Google Play Services.
* Update services

Method 3:

* Go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->All
* Google Play Store->Clear data
* Google Service Framework->Clear data
* Reboot

Other methods [shortened]:

* Change primary Google account password

* Force Stop and Clear Cache/Data on Google Services Framework, Play Store and Google Play Store

* wipe cache/Dalvik

* Remove and re-add Google account, then reboot your device

* Uninstall Play Store updates

* Manually install the latest Play Store apk

* Turn off Sync

* Turn Wi-Fi on/off

* Turn Mobile Data on/off

* Flash ROM or Factory reset

Don't forget to reboot your device after performing any of the above methods. Some settings/options may vary depending on your device.

While the main cause of this error is yet to be determined, many have speculated the RPC:S-3 error is triggered by a pushed Play Store update that may have caused some conflicts.

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