Three Minor Issues with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and their Fixes

This post tackles three minor issues with Samsung's latest masterpiece, the new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

The workarounds and solutions we provide in this piece are initially made available by Samsung support and we would like to share it to help those who are encountering any of these troubles with their new Samsung handset.


I cannot see the status bar when I browse the internet on my Galaxy S6 edge plus


Some of the first few owners of the Galaxy S6 edge+ have reported that they are unable to see the status bar when browsing the Internet on their new device. This issue has been raised and reached Samsung support official website.

The manufacturer responded that this is normal especially when you are using the new device to browse the internet in horizontal mode. The status bar is purposely hidden in the Galaxy S6 Edge+ to increase usability. In this case, try to use the phone in vertical mode if you want to view the status bar when using the Internet.


My Galaxy S6 edge plus freezes or is unresponsive occassionally


While performance issues like freezing and not responding rarely occurs to new devices, they are inevitable. As a matter of fact, there are some owners of S6 edge+ who have reported that their new smartphone freezes or suddenly becomes unresponsive.

To fix freezing and unresponsive issues, try to reboot your Galaxy S6 edge+. This can be done by pressing the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for about 7 to 10 seconds.

If the problem remains after rebooting your phone, you can try any of the following workarounds:

1. Try to optimize your device and check for any possible malware using the S6 edge+ SMART manager.

2. Move some files from your phone to your PC or to a cloud-based storage account like Google Drive and Dropbox. This is to create memory space. Often times a device freezes or becomes unresponsive as its memory space runs out.

3. Check for software updates available for your device. Software updates are usually rolled to fix certain issues and improve performance on a device. To check for software updates on the S6 edge +, go to Apps->Settings->About device->Software Updates.

4. If all else failed, you may perform a factory data reset (hard reset) on your device. Please be sure to back up all your files and data beforehand as factory reset will erase your device and restore it to factory defaults.

If you don't want to hard reset your new phone, please contact Samsung support or your phone carrier for further assistance and recommendations.


My Galaxy S6 edge plus screen seems to be distorted when playing a video


The problem on screen distortion that occurs when playing video on the S6 edge + is actually linked to the phone's physical scheme. By design, the Galaxy S6 edge + supports full screen playback, thus its curved edge may cause a slight distortion on the lower and upper parts of the video. Samsung however guaranteed that this does not affect the device performance.

In addition, colors on the edge screen appearing darker is a result of a phenomenon called White Angular Dependency (WAD), which can also cause the display's white color to appear to have a green, yellow or blue tint when viewed at an angle.

Hope this helps.

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