My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not charging [Solutions]

Learn what to do should your Galaxy Note 5 suddenly won't charge.

Charging issue is hardware-related. That said, you will most likely end up taking your phone to a technician for repair, get a new charger or replace the phone's battery.

This post is aimed for those who are searching online support on how to save their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that is not charging. Before you jump to the notion of requesting service, you might as well consider these subsequent workarounds and attempt to resolve the problem by your own.

Possible reasons as to why your phone won't charge:
  • Charging port is damaged.
  • Bad or incompatible charging equipment.
  • Battery issues.
  • Loose connections between charging ports.
  • Device is damaged.
After looking into the possible causes, you may begin troubleshooting the problem. The following workarounds are general recommendations by the device's manufacturer. If you haven't tried performing any of these methods, then I suggest you give it a try this time.

Samsung-recommended workarounds to deal with not charging issues with the Galaxy Note 5 device

1. Check and ensure your phone's charging port and make sure it's not damaged and free from anything that could hinder charging.

2. Be sure to only use Samsung-provided charging equipment like the charger and the phone's battery as well. Some third-party charging equipment may not be compatible with your device's charging technology. That said, there's a higher chances of charging issues like this to arise.
To eliminate the possibility of damaged charger, you can try to use an alternative Samsung charger available.

3. Battery problems like bad or damaged batteries are also among the factors you need to consider. If the battery is damaged, then most likely the phone won't charge at all. Also check the battery compartment as well as USB connections for corrosion or bent pins.

4. Ensure the connections from your phone to the power source is properly secured. Loose connection can cause your phone to not charge even if both the charger and battery are in good shape. The USB connection must be firm with very little mobility.

5. Check the LDI for possible liquid or physical damage. The LDI is located on the battery and in the battery compartment of your phone. If it shows a solid white, or white with pink or purple Xs, it indicates no damage.

If you are certain that there's no damage to either the charging components or the phone itself, then try to press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons for 30 seconds. If nothing happens, connect the charger to a power outlet and allow your phone to charge for at least an hour.

In addition, if you are using a computer to charge your phone, be sure to give it up to 10 hours to completely charge. You have to note that charging the device using the USB connection on your computer may take longer than connecting your device to a power source. You may also need to power off your phone for it to charge efficiently.

After performing all the aforesaid workarounds and still your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won't charge, then this means your phone already requires a technician's aid.

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